How to choose an electric scooter?


First, starting from the raw materials of electric scoo […]

First, starting from the raw materials of electric scooters

An outstanding electric scooter is first and foremost different from the material selection, and the quality of the material is the basis. The two core components of an electric scooter are batteries and motors. As the heart of the electric scooter, the battery directly affects the cruising capacity and service life of the scooter. The engine of an electric scooter affects the driving dynamics of the car. Therefore, a good electric scooter company will select and cooperate with battery and motor manufacturers to cooperate.

Second, look at the planning of electric scooter products

A good electric scooter can be reflected in all aspects of the details, functional and planning combined, the appearance of the recognition, every detail runs through the comfortable riding experience, can give you more in color More choices make the electric scooter both easy to use and beautiful. The focus here is on the damping function and control system.

The shock absorption system is to ensure that the user has better riding experience when bumping the road, but most electric scooters are not equipped with shock absorption system, mainly relying on tire damping, air tire damping effect is better, solid tire reduction The earthquake is relatively inferior to air tires, but it does not puncture. This requires consumers to make trade-offs when purchasing.

Third, look at the size and qualification of manufacturing companies

Some companies do not have the ability to produce electric scooters themselves. They are usually produced in small manufacturers. Large-scale electric scooters are often produced by national high-tech enterprises. The first-class windows have strong technical development strength and production capacity. Completed a strict quality management system and production process specifications. Strict quality control is carried out from raw material procurement to product delivery, and the quality of production is trustworthy.

Fourth, you must understand clearly after the sale

This is also very important. Buying any one item depends on the after-sales and warranty. Many electric scooters in the market come from unfamous manufacturers. Even in this highly developed era, browsers can't find a trace of this product manufacturer. It is very likely that even when it is used, it will be safe. If you can't guarantee the three products, you won't mention the after-sales problem. Therefore, in the time of purchase, consult the relevant issues after the sale, and it will be more reassuring in the subsequent application.